Brittany's Marathon Gas Receipt

- Brittany borrows her boyfriend’s car on 11/30/18 to do laundry at her grandma’s house. She calls Sheldon and asks why there is no gas in the car around 5:30pm

- Brittany gets gas at Marathon Gas Station #118109: 27010 Fawn River Road, Sturgis, Michigan 49091 / 6:11pm

- The receipt was found by AM in a trash bag placed in her Ford SUV after JJF stole it in February 2019

- AM says she threw it away in a dumpster after combing through all of the trash in the bag. She “took a photo of it because of the time and date”.

- AM and Shasta figure out that it was Brittany’s card number on the receipt, and in fact belonged to her, 2 years after finding and discarding it.

- Shasta tells JB (H&S) that AM did not intentionally give the receipt to her. It was sent to her by mistake with a bunch of other information given to her by AM.

- Shasta turns the photo of the receipt in to LE by uploading it to a link given to her by the detective.

- AM never turned this piece of evidence in to LE

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AM’s current theory is that Brittany’s mother must have been in her Ford when JJF stole it. She alludes to the possibility that Jessica left the receipt in the trash bag. She believes this due to there being an empty pack of cigarettes mixed in with the trash. The empty pack matched the kind of cigarette Brittany’s mother left in her ashtray in the past. She also claims that Jessica is hiding Brittany’s wallet, because she found an image of one of Brittany’s debit cards in her (Jessica’s) stolen Google photo account. No proof of this debit card photo or proof of her having the wallet has been shown. Proof of AM stealing Jessica’s Google and FB accounts has been admitted though.

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If you know ANYTHING, please speak up!

Anyone with information can contact the St. Joseph County Sheriff's Office at 269-467-9045.

Sheriff's Office
650 E. Main St.
Centreville MI, 49032

Mailing Address
PO Box 339
Centreville MI, 49032

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